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What Is a Continuous Monitoring Plan? Logix Consulting Managed IT Support Services Seattle

Configuration management and change control processes help maintain the secure baseline configuration of the architecture. Routine day-to-day changes are managed through the change management process described in the configuration management plan. By developing a continuous monitoring plan, your business will have a stronger IT infrastructure that’s better protected against cyber attacks. Depending on the size of your business, it may have dozens of local computers, mobile devices and remote servers. This white paper describes the methodology behind which security controls and capabilities are most effective to protect, detect, and respond to current prevalent threats. The FedRAMP High RAR Template and its underlying assessment are intended to enable FedRAMP to reach a FedRAMP Ready decision for a specific CSP’s system based on organizational processes and the security capabilities of the system.

This document provides guidance for 3PAOs on demonstrating the quality, independence, and FedRAMP knowledge required as they perform security assessments on cloud systems. The SSP Appendix A High FedRAMP Security Controls template provides the FedRAMP High baseline security control requirements for High impact cloud systems. Let’s examine why a compliance monitoring strategy is essential in today’s business landscape and how to integrate a monitoring plan into your organization’s policy, procedures, and overall culture. This document addresses FedRAMP compliance pertaining to the processes, architecture, and security considerations specific to vulnerability scanning for cloud systems using container technology. As previously mentioned, metrics provide a guide for collecting security-related information.