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7 characteristics of Gen Z in 2023 GWI

Gen Z are the generation after millennials, and before Gen Alpha, so roughly speaking, they’re born between the mid 1990s and early 2010s. Much has been said about this generation, but amid the facts are plenty of myths, so we’re here to set the record straight with 7 Gen Z characteristics, according to real consumer data. This underscores the importance of having a professional brand image online, even if you don’t sell online (and don’t plan to). Automated customer service isn’t always about saving money, it can also provide faster, easier results for your customers. Plus, business chatbots can mix automation with real human live chat capabilities for the best of both worlds. This is smart thinking considering the social media monitoring capabilities of many Human Resources departments.

features and tools gen Z

Gen Z also considers YouTube influencers, such as PewDiePie and MrBeast, as popular as celebrities with influencers and trusts them more to make buying decisions. Gen Z media is mobile-first, and the generation is more likely to engage with content designed for mobile devices, such as videos, stories, and GIFs. 25% of respondents in a study stated they spend more than five hours a day on mobile devices. And they don’t just use this time to shop and browse; they also use it to text and chat with their friends, play games, and access entertainment and news. Gen Z – the generation that’s sent marketers into a frenzy with their unique behaviors and media consumption habits.

It means be human in your approach to marketing, social media, and customer interactions. Now with major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others offering social commerce tools like in-app checkout, it’s time to set up your social shop if you haven’t already. It sends out random notifications that users have two minutes to respond to by making a post in the app. Unlike current platforms where users spend considerable time editing photos and composing eloquent captions, BeReal is all about quick updates. You’re supposed to share what you currently look like via an in-app photo—no filters or photo editing capabilities here—and what you’re doing.

Gen Z online shopping statistics

Generation Zers tend to lean on their moral compass with a strong inclination to stand up for what’s right. They prioritize critical issues such as healthcare, mental health, education, financial stability, civic engagement, racial equality, inclusion, and environmental conservation. According to Pew Research, Gen Zers and Millennials cast a quarter of the votes in the 2018 midterm elections. No small feat when you consider that 4.5 million votes that were estimated to be cast in 2018 were from a generation of voters who weren’t even old enough to vote in the previous midterm elections.

  • About 80 percent refuse to buy goods from companies involved in scandals.
  • It’s important to note the 40% figure was a comment made by a Google VP during a speaking event about Google’s products and how search has changed.
  • Gen Zers analyze not only what they buy but also the very act of consuming.
  • They already show a high preference for regular employment rather than freelance or part-time work, which may come as a surprise compared to the attitude of millennials, for example.
  • The McDonald’s social media team used the comment section to capitalize on those views by reacting as any average person might.

Gen Z wants purpose and accountability, more chances for diverse and disadvantaged groups, and more rigorous sustainable and green standards than any other generation. Gen Zers believe in the importance of dialogue and accept differences of opinion with the institutions in which they participate and with their own families (Exhibit 5). They can interact with institutions that reject their personal values without abandoning those values. Rather than spurn an institution altogether, Gen Zers would rather engage with it to extract whatever makes sense for them. Millennials, also known as Generation Y, include anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 26 to 41 in 2022) and represent about a quarter of the US population. Much of this cohort entered the workforce at the height of the Great Recession, and have struggled with the subsequent widening of the generational wealth gap.

Social media is a crucial element to this generation as technology continues to expand. Generation Z’s shopping habits reflect their values and the digital world they grew up in. These young people use their tech skills and social media to make informed purchase decisions. The average Gen Z got their first smartphone just before their 12th birthday. They communicate primarily through social media and texts, and spend as much time on their phones as older generations do watching television. Gen Z is the first digitally native generation that spends the majority of their time online and has a stable income.

Gen Z Trends: How Do Gen Zers Think?

There will be other generations in the future, and they will be similar and different. They will have unique ways of thinking that we need to understand, whether we’re professionals or consumers. Many in Generation Z are currently completing their university studies and job hunting. Because of their unique qualities, we can expect a significant portion of this generation to excel in fields like technology, environmental work, and financial consulting. It’s a great time to explore new projects and make the most of the opportunities available today. You might have heard people joke that they’re born with a built-in tech chip or something like that.

TikTok is currently the most popular example of a recommendation engine. While users can follow different accounts, TikTok’s For You page is based on its algorithm, which pushes content based on users’ interests and interactions. Sprout Social helps you understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management platform built for connection. User-generated best tools for trading crypto content (or UGC, for short) provides a genuine, unfiltered perspective by taking a community-driven approach to social content. When brands incorporate UGC into their strategy, they further align with Gen Z’s preference for real, relatable content. Make sure your message is on point—no matter who it comes from—by defining the goals of your influencer marketing strategy before conducting any outreach.

To keep up, you must balance strategic, long-term thinking with a heavy dose of agility. Gone are the days when you could create an entire month’s content in one sitting. Leaving room for constant experimentation is now the hallmark of a successful social media strategy. Gen Z audiences value influencer marketing more than any other generation. That said, you can’t just pick a buzzy creator at random and assume it will be an easy path to success.

What are common names for Generation Z?

In terms of US population by generation, Gen Z is the most ethnically diverse and largest generation in American history, and eclipses all other generations before it in embracing diversity and inclusion. Generation Z considers itself more accepting and open-minded than any generation before it. Almost half of Gen Zs are minorities, compared to 22% of Baby Boomers, and the majority of Gen Z supports social movements such as Black Lives Matter, transgender rights, and climate change. Generation X, also known as Gen X, the latchkey generation or, jokingly, the forgotten or middle child generation, consists of people born between 1965 and 1980 (ages in 2022). Currently, Gen X comprises 20.6% of the US population, making them smaller than any other age demographic. If they’re in your target market and if you want them to buy your products or services, you need to listen to them.

“We really always are looking to the youngest generation for what’s new and how to evolve,” Yuki said. Ronnie Gomez is a Content Strategist at Sprout Social where she writes to help social professionals learn and grow at every stage of their careers. When she’s not writing, she’s reading or looking for Chicago’s next best place to get a vanilla oat milk latte. When marketing to Gen Z, consider how you might tap into your audience’s fear of missing out (FOMO). If fans aren’t actively creating content around your brand, that’s okay. Skincare brand Cocokind pulled this off by repurposing feedback from their community of product testers to support social promotion of a recent launch.

features and tools gen Z

WordStream’s guest authors are experts, entrepreneurs, and passionate writers in the online marketing community who bring diverse perspectives to our blog on a wide range of topics. It’s all about trust with Gen Z, so they appreciate ads that are true to a brand’s core values. However, creative and visually captivating ads will also spark their interest. If ever there was one generation that had a gift for hustling, it’s Generation Z. They’re not afraid to dive into the gig economy!

Generation Z is a group of people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s, roughly from 1995 to 2000. They grew up using smartphones, the Internet, and social media since they were very young age. At the same time, they are also the generation most open to a variety of themes not necessarily aligned with the broader beliefs of their declared religions. For example, 20 percent of them do not consider themselves exclusively heterosexual, as opposed to 10 percent for other generations.

Generation Z is therefore more open-minded than generations that came before it and are the first truly global culture as trends and communication are shared across the globe. Millennials and previous generations experienced a time when mobile phones were only a means of verbal or written communication (limited to a few characters per text). This makes a huge difference in their behavior toward technology as they expect to do everything from their iPhone or Android, from ordering food to calling their family and reading the news. Well, this is a typical message you could receive from your youngest colleagues! Gen Z’s communication style is concise, informal, and ideally in text format.

features and tools gen Z

Monica Aldea is a Content Marketing Specialist with a deep love for writing. Monica started as an SEO copywriter working on landing pages for apartments for rent. She now writes educational blog articles and guides about advertising and marketing trends as part of the team at Creatopy. Brands who understand what makes them unique from millennials and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly are those who will succeed in the long run. Instead, what does work, and what your business should have a go at, is user-generated content, including that of influencers, as Gen Zers are more likely to form authentic connections with them. The downside of this is that their attention span is also shorter, meaning that your brand has a mere few seconds to make a lasting impression.

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They’re more likely to spend on travel, events, and unique experiences that create memories. And when it comes to products, they’re all about brands that align with their values. Gen Z is known for their love of sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible companies. Generation Z seeks personalized experiences and authentic connections.

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